Christina Danna

Christina Danna

I have been walking with the Lord since 2003 and continue daily. I am a Mom of two amazing kids. I am called to love the way the Lord has loved me no matter where I am at or what I do. I know who I am and whose I am. My life is daily learning, growing, forgiving, loving, sharing and being who I am in Him. Not perfect but real!

My childhood, my teens, my life as an adult, my schooling, my degrees, my jobs are not really important to list. What is important is what I have healed from, learned from in those areas and that they were all used to show me who Jesus is and who He is in my life and that He loves me and I can trust Him.

In that, He has given me so much and I am grateful to have so many testimonies in so many areas of my life of who He is and that He is the only way! I enjoy to share that and give to others what He has given me.

It has been a blessing to share Jesus, His love and truth with the children, parents and volunteers here at Heartcry over the past 7 years in the Children’s Ministry. Now stepping into a new place here as the Lord has led me. Continuing to give and grow in a new area of ministry. Walking by faith and trusting Him in this new season.

Children's Ministry Director
Shane Fontenot
Lead Pastor
Leonard Thompson