Life Groups

Life Groups are a connection point with your church family in a relaxed environment. It gives an opportunity to build meaningful relationships as you go through life with those around you and to grow in friendships, in your spiritual life and the church body. Life Groups help us grow closer to others, grow closer to God and serve together in the Heartcry body of believers; a way of putting down roots!

Life Groups also provide an opportunity to connect with Scripture and learn how to apply it to everyday life. Praying for others is also a vital aspect of Life Groups. Groups meet different times and days to provide as many opportunities as possible for us to connect with each other.

Wednesday Kids Life is offered to provide a structured time for birth-5th grade ages to learn and grow together and to give opportunity for parents to attend one of our nearby Life Groups at the same time.

For location and details, or if you are interested in leading or hosting a group, please contact the church office at 407-846-2262. 

Sunday Life Group
4:30 PM

1st & 3rd Sundays
(Various ages, fellowship, food, primary discussion of Sunday’s Sermon Message scripture and points)
Leaders: Pastor Leonard & Karen Thompson

Monday Life Group
1:00 – 3:00 PM

Afternoon Ladies Life Group
(Various ages, fellowship, snacks and study of the Word)
Leaders: Joann Church, Deanna Roberts

Wednesday Life Groups:
6:30 – 8:00 PM

Exceptional Adults Life Group
(Geared to specific needs with study geared to all ages)
Leaders: Rick & Karen Best

Ladies Life Group
(Various ages, fellowship, snacks, study series in the Word)
Leader: Patrice DeNike

Rocker Life Group
(Various ages, singles, couples, fellowship, study series in the Word)
Leaders: Billy & Jeannie Rocker

Wilson Life Group
(Various ages, singles, couples, fellowship, study of scripture using the Bible)
Leaders: Rudy & Beth Wilson