Heartcry Chapel Update

Heartcry Chapel Update

Dear Heartcry Chapel Family and Friends, 

First of all, thank you for your faithfulness to this small part of God’s Church called Heartcry Chapel; your continued support through your tithes and offerings, volunteering to help, prayers, words of encouragement, connecting with our Sunday services and Wednesday Life Groups Live via internet have been nothing short of amazing! I am so blessed to be pastoring this church family! 

We are excited to announce we will begin public services on May 3rd! We have continually sought counsel from local authorities, researching as much as possible and most of all, sought the Lord’s wisdom and leading throughout these days of challenge, and we continue to do so. We believe it is His will that we begin again worshiping together soon.  

With all my heart I pray that this pandemic has changed your spiritual life, I know it has mine.   

I believe God’s desire is that His Church is transformed by it in many ways, most of which is being moved deeper in our faith through His word and prayer. I believe He does not want us to resume church as usual, but that He wants us to start a “new beginning” in our approach to worship, our prayer life, our study of His word, in our thinking, believing and trusting in Him! 

I believe He desires that we begin to grow to a new level of spiritual maturity so that we can begin to share the gospel to those around us as a powerful and effective normal way of life, breaking free from timidity and passiveness in our faith. I believe He wants us to begin to pray longer, deeper and more often with and for unbelievers and each other with a passion that we’ve never had before. 

I believe He desires to see us creating a strong atmosphere of faith in our worship services and to see miracles taking place there, in Life Groups, in our homes and places of work! God desires an atmosphere of faith to permeate our lives so that while we live in the natural, we will operate in the supernatural! 

I believe Jesus desires that His model prayer becomes a reality in our lives so that when we pray “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”, we will truly mean it; we want His desire over our desire and seek His will over ours every day! 

I know this is lengthy, but my heart is full, and I can’t contain it; I pray that in some way you are feeling the same. I am praying to see our church family come back together with an enthusiasm, passion and fervor never before seen in Heartcry Chapel! I am praying you will not go back to “church as usual” but you will come back together having been seeking what God wants to do in your life and His church as a result of you yielding to Him.  

We will be sending out schedules right away to our volunteers as we are already planning our new beginning together! If you are unable to continue to serve for any reason, please respond immediately to your Team Leader but we hope you can continue to serve. Also a few folks have relocated recently so we have some gaps to fill in Ushers, Greeters and Kids Church; if you can serve in any of those areas please contact Christina in the office right away. 

Again, we are overwhelmed with your faithfulness and look forward to a fresh wind and a fresh fire blowing through Heartcry Chapel!  


Pastor Leonard 


Mondays 6:30 pm: Nar-a-Non via Zoom 

Tuesday 6:30 pm: Ladies Life Group via Zoom 

Wednesdays 6:30 pm: Best, Rocker & Wilson Groups; Youth and Kid’s Life 

Thursdays 6:30 pm: Men’s Bible Study – Heartcry Café     

   Women’s Bible Study- via Zoom                                                                      

Sundays (1st & 3rd) 4:00 pm: O’Boyle Group